How To Plan A Successful Business Conference


Getting together and planning your business conference will have one of two outcomes, depending on how you go about it. The first outcome is that it will be productive, memorable, boost company morale, increase work output, increase sales, and the list goes on. The second result that you will want to consider when planning your business conference is considerably less fun. Due to lack of communication, poor planning, technical difficulties, and a lack of enthusiasm as well as a lack of morale, your business conference will be a major flop, and you will be blamed and gossipped about for months.

Naturally, we want you to succeed in your business conference, so we have prepared a list of the most helpful tips to benefit you when you go to plan and prepare for your first business conference.

1. Think Of The Little Things
This might just be the most important tip we can give you throughout this entire article. One of the most important things to look out for is the small factors that can make or break a business event, meeting, or function. Is it cold out, and will you want to make sure that your benefactor’s heating facilities are up to par? Is it the middle of August, and do you have an AC or not? Do you have competent enough ‘behind the scenes’ people? Is your coffee going to be still hot, and will you even have enough of it?

2. Make Sure You Have A Clear Objective
Making sure that you have a clear purpose is vital to the success of your meeting. Make sure that is clear, not only to you but also to your fellow committee planners. Also make it abundantly clear to your audience what goal you are working towards, and how you can work together with them to make it come true.

For your business and venue meeting, are you trying to introduce a new product? How about make knew a new service? What if this event is just about work-related and social issues, or what if it is about increasing work morale, or significant changes in the workflow?

You will want to make sure that you have a clear picture in your own mind what you are doing, as well as making it clear to your audience so that there are no gray areas and everything is crystal clear; you do not want confusion at your event.

3. Create Your Budget
One of the most important tips that we can give you today is about balancing your budget; when setting it up, be sure to include every single category that you need to have thought of. Are you going to pay for speakers, or is this a nonprofit event? Is the venue going to provide meals for your guests, or are you going to have to foot the bill? You need to consider every single factor from every unique angle until you have made it clear to yourself that your foundation, as well as the events planning, is more than crystal clear.

As you can see, there is a lot of deliberate and careful planning that goes into setting up the perfect business meeting. Always remember to have a clear point, check with the venue, have enough space, have room in your budget for emergencies, and plan as much as you can that is within reason.

You do not want to wait for something to happen or change last minute to make a new decision that could potentially throw off the entire plan! Good luck out there in the world of event planning; it is a slippery slope, but can profit you and your company immensely if it is done to the correct degree.

How To Plan A Wedding Budget

There are quite a lot of things that need to come together when you are planning for a wedding. Time and place, destination, traveling for family members and friends, venue and hosting capabilities, style, time of year, and all other manners alike. There is one more thing though, one that we haven’t mentioned in this list, and that is for a good reason.

The reason is that it is by far the most important; this final thing would be the budget of the wedding. You can not accomplish your wedding dream without having a significant pile of money that is ready to be spent on your marriage. It is an essential part of planning your wedding by far, as it is needed to purchase food, fund the venue as well as all of its handwork, and other things. (take advantage of a wedding checklist to help you plan)

When planning a wedding budget, there are many things that you need to keep in mind, some of which we will go over in this here article, so stay tuned.

1. Getting Your Parents To Pay
Back in the olden days, the brides family would pay the dowry as well as finance the entire wedding. However, that is not the case in today’s society, as today’s world is very much different in all manners from that of Shakespeare’s time. It is still customary, however, to seek some funds from the parents of the bride as well as your own parents, of course.

2. Setting Aside A Reasonable Chunk Of Dough
You do not want to end up spending too little or too much at your own wedding, so definitely try to be careful when setting it up. You also do not want to skimp out on anything by getting married in the basement of a dingy church and then having your wedding reception at McDonald’s. At the same time, you don’t want to try to get married in the Notre Dome and have a 3-star Michelin chef cook for two hundred people! Find the right medium and stick with that.

We aren’t saying that you can’t have a lowkey wedding, of course, or that you can’t spend a little bit to flourish and personify your wedding to your liking. Just don’t plan on not getting on the ship, or rather, going overboard.

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Money For The Venue
Finding the right Venue is extremely important, as well as paying the right amount of money for one. You don’t want to see the lamest or worst reviewed venue, but at the same time don’t want to find one that is exceptionally underpriced for the kind of wedding reception and venue that you are receiving. That’d be just silly. But if you want to really save money, you can choose some place beautiful outdoors, like the beach or a park, along with an outdoor reception.

As you can see, there certainly is a lot that goes into planning the perfect wedding and wedding, but preparing the ideal budget holds one of the most important places on this list regarding usefulness as well as importance.

Need some outdoor wedding decorating ideas? We’ve got help!

Job Options for Event Management Degrees

Job Options for Event Management Degrees
It is one thing to study for a degree and another to put it to use. Getting a degree that you cannot utilize for your benefit is a waste of time and resources. The Event Managment degree is offered by many universities and colleges and can be done anywhere in the world. The event industry is a fast-paced industry with plenty of job opportunities. The job market in the event industry is always changing requiring people with progressive thinking and sound decision making. Most jobs in the Event Managment field may need a bit of experience. So, which employment opportunities do Event Managment Degree offer?

There are job opportunities that are directly related to the degree, they include:

Conference Center Manager:
Your job responsibility will be to manage the conference center staff, make sure the facility is in a good state and coordinate everyone for the smooth running of the service.

Event Manager:
As an event manager, you will be tasked with the entire process of organizing an event right from the planning to execution. You will have to work hand in hand with other players as a team member.

Hotel Manager:
As a hotel manager, you will be tasked with the day-to-day management of the hotel activities including staffs. You will also be accountable for budgeting and marketing strategies.

Public House Manager:
As a public house manager, you will see to the smooth running of a pub or a bar or an entertainment joint. You will be in charge of coordination and supervision of staff for smooth running. You’ll be hiring subcontracting companies to handle catering, like Cozy Catering, managing solid waste, like Waste Focus, and hiring in local talent for music from various agencies like GigMasters.

Outdoor Activities Manager:
You are in charge of a center that runs outdoor sports activities. Most event managers in this field have previous experience with outdoor sports and may take educational roles. They are tasked with ensuring there are no injuries and the facility is in good condition at all times.

Further, as an Event manager, you could get jobs that are not directly related to your degree. These positions include Marketing executive, charity fundraiser, sales personnel, Tourism officer, public relations officer among others.

Where to Get Event Managment Experience.
As an event manager, you will be required to have some experience before landing a job that is directly related to your degree. There are many ways to get experience as a fresh graduate. First, you could work as a volunteer in the related industries. The hospitality sector is a good starting point. While you may not be appointed as a hotel manager straight away, you could take junior jobs in a hotel and get to learn more about the industry. You can also take part in event organizations by doing junior duties like decoration and preparation of event centers. Once you have a few years of experience, the Event Managment Degree opens a whole world of opportunities for you to explore

Tips for a Great Business Lunch

Business lunches are very important especially when it comes to establishing long-term relationships, discussing important business deals in details and meeting with prospective clients in a social setting. A business lunch means much more than just having a good meal, the way you conduct yourself, your image as a person, your business name as well as the deal that you are planning to discuss will be on the line. Below are tips for a great business lunch.

1. Make sure that you are well prepared
Whether you are the guest or the host, it is very important to ensure that you make early preparations. For instance, if you are wooing the client to take the deal that you have proposed, it is crucial that you take your time and seek more information about them. Make sure that you well prepared for the business lunch by having vital information on the person that you will have lunch with.

2. Mind your dressing
When having a business lunch, other parties will be looking at you keenly. Your image and brand will be on the line. Before you go for business lunch, is important to gauge how other parties will be dressed up. For positive branding, a self-image, ensure that you are well dressed. Your business attire should satisfy the expectation of your companion. If you are not well dressed up, the other party will notice, and that is not okay. When going for business lunch, the idea is to stand out positively, and that means that you should be well dressed.

3. Observe basic table manners
Observing basic table manners is a significant factor that many people overlook. The way you conduct yourself when eating your meal can make or break the deal. If you want the invited party to have another business lunch with you, you need to ensure that you observe basic table manners. Some of the things that you need to avoid include putting your elbows on the table, talking when your mouth is full and blowing your nose in front of other people. Conduct your research to know what is acceptable and what is not before you go for business lunch.

4. Watch out how you conduct yourself when ordering food
Whether you are planning to order a five-course meal or just as simple sit down lunch, ordering etiquette is very important at business lunch. Any corporate will tell you that one of the biggest turn off is having a business lunch with someone who is arrogant when talking to the wait staff. Make sure that you treat everyone with the respect that they deserve. When ordering your meals, you need to remember that you are not there for the meal but business. Therefore, don’t order food that will make you appear greedy.

Places to Meet for Free for Nonprofit Events

Hundreds of non-profit events are held every month on network-enhancing, strategy-slaying, and skill building. Non-profit events can be a board meeting, fundraiser panel, organization conference or a charity event. Non-profit events are not always high-quality and very big conferences; they can be small and large as well. Since the event is non-profit, hiring an event space that is secure and free of cost can be a huge cost saver and viable, at the same time.

The following are some great ideas for non-profit events.

Your Own Space
If you are conducting one business event, such as B2C or B2B, then you can consider hosting the event at your office or commercial area. Usually, people think of a swanky and impressive venue when it comes to such events. However, holding a business or non-profit event in your office can help you in earning their trust as you will be allowing people to see your office & letting them explore the workplace.

You can also use your house or your residential space to host a smaller non-profit event, discussion forum, small gathering, small fundraiser, or a cocktail evening. This can certainly help you in building a healthy and personal relationship.

Utilize the Space of Someone Else
If you do not have access to a suitable space, you can use someone else’s space. In that case, you can consider partnering with another company in order to host a non-profit event.

If you cannot contact a vendor, you can utilize your good reputation with a company, which has facilities and meeting rooms that are spacious enough to hold a non-profit gathering. You can approach a company for your events in exchange for a good opportunity of free exposure of free exposure of their business to your gathering or audience.

Unused Community or Co-working Spaces
Unused community or co-working spaces are a great idea for non-profit events. Usually, these spaces look for an audience or gathering of people as such gatherings will also give them an opportunity to showcase their space or area for events. However, co-working spaces are not always free of cost. In that case, you can consider contacting an unused community space such as parks, schools, churches, and even sports hall. Of course, these community spaces require correct permission in order to host a non-profit event, so you should make sure that you contact the relevant authority or the local council in order to get the permission. These spaces usually have rules & regulations as well, so you will also have to ensure that you don’t violate any of the rules & regulations.

The most crucial factor of finding a free venue is actually about the context. Flexibility and persistence are the two other crucial factors in finding a free venue successfully.

How to Throw a Classy Birthday Party

Birthday is a function when every person either old or young celebrates the anniversary of his or her birth. This occasion can be celebrated in different style regarding culture, religion, rites of passage, personal will as well as financial capacity.

An adult celebrating a birthday party is one of the most special when he or she shares the sweet moments with the loved ones. Where the party may consist of close friends and family and may involve fun activities like dinner, music and dance, games among other entertainment activities.

What should the host consider to throw a classy birthday party?
Anytime an adult wants to conduct a super birthday party for him/herself, he/she must prepare for the party in advance to ensure that he/she enjoy a hassle-free party.

Pick the venue for the party
If one wants a formal function, then it is highly advisable to go for a hotel function room or a restaurant otherwise if one plans for an intimate birthday party it is best to host the party in one’s house.

Choose the date for the party
Considering your expected guests, choose a day that they will be most convenient for them. Such as a weekend before or after the actual birth-date.

Sending birthday invitations
After you are done with picking the venue and set an appropriate date, then it is the best time to send letters to your expected guests.

Plan your party with the following in mind: food, decoration, entertainment and game, and favors.

  • Food
    In any party more so a birthday party conducted in a hotel or at home buffet is the best and most traditional method of serving food. Buffet method is preferred as it less expensive than other methods.
  • Decorations
    decorations may be set as per the best colors for the host and be matched with the theme of the host have any theme.
  • Entertainment and games
    Despite the fact that it is an adult birthday party it is vital to keep all guests entertained and therefore good to prepare some activities and games. Play music as part of entertainment where both the music and the entertainment activities should have some relationship with the theme of the host.

If you want to throw a classy birthday party as an adult all you need is to plan maybe three weeks or so then follow the above ideas, and you won’t believe it, your party will be best you have ever had. Your birth-date anniversary should be a joyful day, and you have the right to fully enjoy it with your family and friends.

Here’s a few more ideas to throw in:































5 Tips For for a Happy Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

A wedding rehearsal dinner is one of the most important events in any wedding. This is an event when members of both families get to spend a good amount of time together. To assist you in the process, here are tips for a happy wedding rehearsal dinner.

1. Choose a perfect venue
One of the most creative things for you to do is to choose a low-key venue to hold the event. The location should not require a lot of time or money to decorate it. If you have a family member who is willing to hold it at their own home, this is a great option. If the season allows, you can still hold it outdoors and enjoy all your activities there.

2. Make it casual
A great rehearsal dinner should be casual. This makes everyone to relax because there is no formality that is required. Making it casual ensures that it does not upstage the wedding. It makes it easier for those meeting for the first time to interact effectively. You can opt for open seating as a way of encouraging conversations among the attendants.

3. Plan it at the right time
You need to organize the dinner the night before the wedding. In case the wedding will be on
a Sunday, it is advisable to hold it two nights before to give all the attendants enough time to rest. Let it start when most of the guests invited are through with their work. The rehearsal should take thirty to forty-five minutes. It should end as early as possible to allow the guests have enough time to relax before the big wedding day.

4. Present gifts
A rehearsal dinner is also a perfect time for the presentation of gifts to all members of the party. This is more important if there are gifts that might be required to wear during the big day. The gifts can also be presented to parents to give them thanks for their support, love, and guidance. However, do not allow those gifts that ought to be given during the wedding day to be presented during the rehearsal party. Here’s a great idea list for bridesmaids.

5. Do not overspend
When you are planning a wedding, there are a lot of costs involved. This is why you do not have to overspend on the rehearsal dinner. Make it simple, so that you do not have budgetary constraints for your actual wedding party. By doing this, you save yourself the stress that arises after the wedding when you realize you spent more than you had budgeted. There’s a lot of help out there for DIY parties:


How to Plan a Baby Shower

A baby shower is said to be one of the most exciting things for the mother to be, other than of course having her new baby.

Planning a baby shower can become quite overwhelming for the mother to be, so it is a good idea if a family member or a friend helps her out. Or better yet plan it for her. A surprise party is always a fun thing to have for her, at least for the person who is receiving the surprise.

Since the planning of the baby shower, in general, can be an overwhelming process for the person who is planning the party. That is why it is always a good idea to get help from as many people that are willing to help you.

But for the one planning the shower, guess what, there is a lot of work for you to do. (Check out a detailed baby shower check list here)

What are the steps you will have to take to plan a great baby shower? And how will you use them to help you plan a great event?

Step 1: Shower etiquette
This is all of the things you need to do or have done at and for the baby shower. For example, what type of invitations will you have and when should you send them out to the guest?

Step 2: Plan the theme of the party
The theme is the common items you have throughout the party. It is a good idea to find out what the mother likes and do your best to follow her wishes. Need ideas? Look below.

Step 3: Choose the type of decorations you plan on using.
It is a good idea to keep consistent with the theme you’ve chosen for the shower. You can find any decorations imaginable online.

Step 4: Find a location for the shower
You can have it at a family member’s house, a friend’s house, the local community center or a restaurant.

Step 5: Send the invitations
Be sure to send any party invitations out two to three weeks before the shower. This is to ensure that all of the guests receive their invitations promptly.

Step 6: Decide what you will have on the menu for the shower
Are you going to have potluck, cook all of the food yourself, or have it catered? Which every way works best for your budget is the way you should choose.

Step 7: Choose favors that will fit the shower
Also, they help most guest love to feel appreciated. And a cute themed favor can do it.

Step 8: Check Registry
Check to make sure the mother to be is registered at a registry to ensure she can get the items she needs for her little one that is on the way. She can register and most department stores, baby specialty stores or supermarts type of stores.

In conclusion, the main purpose of a baby shower is to ensure that the mother to be has a great time. And hopefully receive all of the items she needs to help with her new little one, once he or she arrives.

What Does an Event Planner Do Exactly?

I often get asked about event planning jobs and what exactly does a planner do. It’s very hard to give a short answer. While it’s obvious that they plan events, however, when you look at all of the tasks that are required you realize that planners have no easy job. Let’s take a look at what wedding planners do, before we determine whether or not you need one.

An Event Planner Wears Many Hats

There are different skill sets required for an event planners job. Which characteristic is required depends on which stage that they are at with their client. For example, when meeting with their client in hopes to win that piece of business, communication skills are being used. You see you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Characteristics that an event planner requires are:

Communication. As I stated above when you are trying to win a clients business, it’s important that your verbal and written communications are impeccable. This is your sales pitch so to speak. You will also be required to provide a written proposal to your client.

Fiscal Management. This is when an event or party planner needs to know their math. Quite often their clients will state their budget for a particular event. The event planner’s job is to create or plan an event all while working within the set budget.

Negotiation Skills. An event planner works with many suppliers. And quite often they are required to negotiate on their client’s behalf. Anyone who’s been involved in negotiations knows that this is an art. Negotiation isn’t a “my way or highway” attitude (some of our politicians could take note here). Rather negotiation is the ability to reach a compromise where both sides feel that they accomplish some of what they had set out to achieve.

Decision-Making Skills. The job is not for those who cannot make decisions. Event planners are called upon often to make on the spot decisions that can have a dramatic effect on the event itself.

Leadership. Again a “my way or the highway” approach does not work well here. Leadership is a quality that, when displayed properly, makes people want to work for you. A good leader knows how to correctly motivate their teams to achieve the desired results. In my experiences, I have found that the leadership trait is one of the hardest to develop in someone.

Organizational Skills. Boy does an event planner need to be organized. Think of them as you would a director in a movie. It’s their responsibility to make sure that all of the suppliers are doing their specific roles so that the overall event is running seamlessly. The words “organized chaos” would be a good way of describing what’s going on for an event planner during the event itself.

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