How to Plan a Baby Shower

A baby shower is said to be one of the most exciting things for the mother to be, other than of course having her new baby.

Planning a baby shower can become quite overwhelming for the mother to be, so it is a good idea if a family member or a friend helps her out. Or better yet plan it for her. A surprise party is always a fun thing to have for her, at least for the person who is receiving the surprise.

Since the planning of the baby shower, in general, can be an overwhelming process for the person who is planning the party. That is why it is always a good idea to get help from as many people that are willing to help you.

But for the one planning the shower, guess what, there is a lot of work for you to do. (Check out a detailed baby shower check list here)

What are the steps you will have to take to plan a great baby shower? And how will you use them to help you plan a great event?

Step 1: Shower etiquette
This is all of the things you need to do or have done at and for the baby shower. For example, what type of invitations will you have and when should you send them out to the guest?

Step 2: Plan the theme of the party
The theme is the common items you have throughout the party. It is a good idea to find out what the mother likes and do your best to follow her wishes. Need ideas? Look below.

Step 3: Choose the type of decorations you plan on using.
It is a good idea to keep consistent with the theme you’ve chosen for the shower. You can find any decorations imaginable online.

Step 4: Find a location for the shower
You can have it at a family member’s house, a friend’s house, the local community center or a restaurant.

Step 5: Send the invitations
Be sure to send any party invitations out two to three weeks before the shower. This is to ensure that all of the guests receive their invitations promptly.

Step 6: Decide what you will have on the menu for the shower
Are you going to have potluck, cook all of the food yourself, or have it catered? Which every way works best for your budget is the way you should choose.

Step 7: Choose favors that will fit the shower
Also, they help most guest love to feel appreciated. And a cute themed favor can do it.

Step 8: Check Registry
Check to make sure the mother to be is registered at a registry to ensure she can get the items she needs for her little one that is on the way. She can register and most department stores, baby specialty stores or supermarts type of stores.

In conclusion, the main purpose of a baby shower is to ensure that the mother to be has a great time. And hopefully receive all of the items she needs to help with her new little one, once he or she arrives.

What Does an Event Planner Do Exactly?

I often get asked about event planning jobs and what exactly does a planner do. It’s very hard to give a short answer. While it’s obvious that they plan events, however, when you look at all of the tasks that are required you realize that planners have no easy job. Let’s take a look at what wedding planners do, before we determine whether or not you need one.

An Event Planner Wears Many Hats

There are different skill sets required for an event planners job. Which characteristic is required depends on which stage that they are at with their client. For example, when meeting with their client in hopes to win that piece of business, communication skills are being used. You see you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Characteristics that an event planner requires are:

Communication. As I stated above when you are trying to win a clients business, it’s important that your verbal and written communications are impeccable. This is your sales pitch so to speak. You will also be required to provide a written proposal to your client.

Fiscal Management. This is when an event or party planner needs to know their math. Quite often their clients will state their budget for a particular event. The event planner’s job is to create or plan an event all while working within the set budget.

Negotiation Skills. An event planner works with many suppliers. And quite often they are required to negotiate on their client’s behalf. Anyone who’s been involved in negotiations knows that this is an art. Negotiation isn’t a “my way or highway” attitude (some of our politicians could take note here). Rather negotiation is the ability to reach a compromise where both sides feel that they accomplish some of what they had set out to achieve.

Decision-Making Skills. The job is not for those who cannot make decisions. Event planners are called upon often to make on the spot decisions that can have a dramatic effect on the event itself.

Leadership. Again a “my way or the highway” approach does not work well here. Leadership is a quality that, when displayed properly, makes people want to work for you. A good leader knows how to correctly motivate their teams to achieve the desired results. In my experiences, I have found that the leadership trait is one of the hardest to develop in someone.

Organizational Skills. Boy does an event planner need to be organized. Think of them as you would a director in a movie. It’s their responsibility to make sure that all of the suppliers are doing their specific roles so that the overall event is running seamlessly. The words “organized chaos” would be a good way of describing what’s going on for an event planner during the event itself.