Job Options for Event Management Degrees

Job Options for Event Management Degrees
It is one thing to study for a degree and another to put it to use. Getting a degree that you cannot utilize for your benefit is a waste of time and resources. The Event Managment degree is offered by many universities and colleges and can be done anywhere in the world. The event industry is a fast-paced industry with plenty of job opportunities. The job market in the event industry is always changing requiring people with progressive thinking and sound decision making. Most jobs in the Event Managment field may need a bit of experience. So, which employment opportunities do Event Managment Degree offer?

There are job opportunities that are directly related to the degree, they include:

Conference Center Manager:
Your job responsibility will be to manage the conference center staff, make sure the facility is in a good state and coordinate everyone for the smooth running of the service.

Event Manager:
As an event manager, you will be tasked with the entire process of organizing an event right from the planning to execution. You will have to work hand in hand with other players as a team member.

Hotel Manager:
As a hotel manager, you will be tasked with the day-to-day management of the hotel activities including staffs. You will also be accountable for budgeting and marketing strategies.

Public House Manager:
As a public house manager, you will see to the smooth running of a pub or a bar or an entertainment joint. You will be in charge of coordination and supervision of staff for smooth running. You’ll be hiring subcontracting companies to handle catering, like Cozy Catering, managing solid waste, like Waste Focus, and hiring in local talent for music from various agencies like GigMasters.

Outdoor Activities Manager:
You are in charge of a center that runs outdoor sports activities. Most event managers in this field have previous experience with outdoor sports and may take educational roles. They are tasked with ensuring there are no injuries and the facility is in good condition at all times.

Further, as an Event manager, you could get jobs that are not directly related to your degree. These positions include Marketing executive, charity fundraiser, sales personnel, Tourism officer, public relations officer among others.

Where to Get Event Managment Experience.
As an event manager, you will be required to have some experience before landing a job that is directly related to your degree. There are many ways to get experience as a fresh graduate. First, you could work as a volunteer in the related industries. The hospitality sector is a good starting point. While you may not be appointed as a hotel manager straight away, you could take junior jobs in a hotel and get to learn more about the industry. You can also take part in event organizations by doing junior duties like decoration and preparation of event centers. Once you have a few years of experience, the Event Managment Degree opens a whole world of opportunities for you to explore

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