Tips for a Great Business Lunch

Business lunches are very important especially when it comes to establishing long-term relationships, discussing important business deals in details and meeting with prospective clients in a social setting. A business lunch means much more than just having a good meal, the way you conduct yourself, your image as a person, your business name as well as the deal that you are planning to discuss will be on the line. Below are tips for a great business lunch.

1. Make sure that you are well prepared
Whether you are the guest or the host, it is very important to ensure that you make early preparations. For instance, if you are wooing the client to take the deal that you have proposed, it is crucial that you take your time and seek more information about them. Make sure that you well prepared for the business lunch by having vital information on the person that you will have lunch with.

2. Mind your dressing
When having a business lunch, other parties will be looking at you keenly. Your image and brand will be on the line. Before you go for business lunch, is important to gauge how other parties will be dressed up. For positive branding, a self-image, ensure that you are well dressed. Your business attire should satisfy the expectation of your companion. If you are not well dressed up, the other party will notice, and that is not okay. When going for business lunch, the idea is to stand out positively, and that means that you should be well dressed.

3. Observe basic table manners
Observing basic table manners is a significant factor that many people overlook. The way you conduct yourself when eating your meal can make or break the deal. If you want the invited party to have another business lunch with you, you need to ensure that you observe basic table manners. Some of the things that you need to avoid include putting your elbows on the table, talking when your mouth is full and blowing your nose in front of other people. Conduct your research to know what is acceptable and what is not before you go for business lunch.

4. Watch out how you conduct yourself when ordering food
Whether you are planning to order a five-course meal or just as simple sit down lunch, ordering etiquette is very important at business lunch. Any corporate will tell you that one of the biggest turn off is having a business lunch with someone who is arrogant when talking to the wait staff. Make sure that you treat everyone with the respect that they deserve. When ordering your meals, you need to remember that you are not there for the meal but business. Therefore, don’t order food that will make you appear greedy.

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